Whey & Yogurt Cream

1 Quart plain whole milk yogurt

Equipment: Cheesecloth, muslin bag, strainer, bowl

Place a strainer over a large glass bowl or pitcher and line it with cheesecloth or a piece of muslin. Transfer the yogurt into the strainer. Let it drip for a few hours into the bowl. Once the dripping has slowed, tie the cheesecloth to a wooden spoon and let hang over the bowl, suspended from the pitcher. You may also put yogurt in a muslin bag and let hang from a cabinet handle over the bowl. Let it drip overnight, about 12 hours, covering with cheesecloth to
keep away flies. Once dripping is finished, squeeze out any excess liquid (whey) and store in the fridge up to 6 months. The cream that is left is a delicious yogurt cream
that lasts up to a month in the fridge.