Lemon Broiler Chicken

1 Whole Pastured Chicken, cut up
1/4 cup flat leaf parsley

2 cups fresh lemon juice
1 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbsp red wine vinegar
1/2 Tbsp fresh garlic, minced
1/2 tsp oregano
salt and pepper to taste

Place all lemon sauce ingredients in a large bowl, whisk until well blended, cover and refrigerate. Whisk vigorously just before use. Preheat Broiler for at least 15 minutes. Broil chicken parts in pan with raised sides, and turn once. Cook about 30 minutes or until golden brown and juices run clear. Remove chicken from broiler, coat well with lemon sauce and return to broiler for 3 minutes. Turn and cook an additional 1 minute. Plate chicken, pouring sauce into a heavy bottomed pan. Add parsley to sauce and bring to boil for 1 minute. Pour sauce over chicken. Serve with local & seasonable mashed root veggies to soak up the sauce!